Friday, September 2, 2016

Double! GI Class Thrs, Sept. 1 +Fri, Sept. 2 - Stephen

It's a beautiful morning in Lincoln, NE. I'm sitting at home, enjoying a protein shake, banana, and some peace and quiet. Lots was learned in the last 12 hours, so I'll start from the top.
Last night's class was a gi class with good turnout. Greg taught the basic escape from side control, as well as the americana/paintbrush submission. Luckily for Ben, Max, and myself, we had just drilled that escape in the garage before coming to class. Greg gave a great refresher on the americana, which I loved, because I enjoy side control, but have limited submissions from the position. I also noticed an amazing side effect of drilling. When defending, or rather being the dummy for your partner, I usually give small amounts of passive resistance, to ensure their form is tight. It has also begun improving my basic defense and positioning, due to the fact that I'm constantly practicing good form, even when I am not doing the technique.
After class, I went home and put my baby boy to bed, let my wife have some freetime, and then watched a few fights with Max and Ben.
When I woke this morning, it was still nice and dark. I got up, hydrated, and dressed myself for class. It seemed like a very solid turnout for a 6:30 am class. 10 or so people attended, some of whom I don't get to see around at the other classes I make it to. We learned the same things as last night, plus a knee on belly to mount guard pass. Drilled with Ben and Jordan. It was great having a blue belt to drill with, so he could tell us whenever we're doing something wrong, or how to do it better. After that, we sparred from side control. I was pretty tired [not so used to 6 ams] and pretty much lost to every opponent. I did better from the bottom, though. Lastly, we rolled from knees. I rolled with Ben and Jesus [hopefully correct spelling]. Ben kept me controlled, but I got a lucky tap out of him once. Jesus was a formiddable opponent as well, but I felt like I had more control throughout the 5 minutes.

Overall, it was a fantastic last 12 hours. Got mad amounts of mat time in, and I'm really starting to feel comfortable with side control from top and bottom. Can't wait for open mat tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tues, August 30th - No Gi Takedowns - Stephen

It was a nice, small class tonight. We have a new student from New Mexico, and it was a class of just 4. Greg taught us defense for single legs. We started with the head-in single leg, and countered it with an Omoplata. It's a fairly easy technique, and I look forward to really using it in the future. Secondly, we practiced countering a head-out single leg with a crucifix. This technique gave me a bit of trouble. I'm not sure if it was an issue with my lankiness, or something I simply wasn't getting right. After a bit more advice from our sensei, Greg, I was just barely getting the hang of it. Last, we did some take-down sparring. I got my ass kicked quite a bit. Henry and Greg gave me the run around, and I was lucky to even get close to a single leg on Greg.

All in all, it was a good class. Good to see a new face, and great to learn more technique.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Beginning

Hello, my name is Stephen. I am 21 years of age, and I live in Lincoln, NE. I train for Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, and general fitness. I have the honor of doing it with my two best friends- Max and Ben. You'll be meeting them soon enough on this blog.

We decided to start writing a blog together as bit of a journal/documentary/experiment. On our training blog you can expect to find everything from our observations about training, nutrition, and the world of martial arts, to technique videos, fight breakdowns, and maybe even podcasts. I hope you can find enjoyment in our blog, and maybe even learn something new!

We are currently in the preliminary stages with this blog site, and content may be sparse for a short while. We will soon begin posting daily, or more.

Thank you for coming to our blog, and check back for new stuff soon!

Stephen Volkmer